Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Computing on Encrypted Data

 The problem of extracting valuable information from data, whilst still maintaining privacy of data subjects is a core problem for society. One way around this is to create cryptographic solutions which enable computation on encrypted data. In recent years there has been considerable progress in this field. Improvements have come in various areas such as functional encryption, searchable encryption, fully homomorphic encryption and multi-party computation. Some of these solutions are now becoming practical and being considered for real world deployment.

As a subproject of the ECRYPT-CSA project in 2015 Bristol University will be leading a working party to investigate the technological and application landscape of techniques to compute on encrypted data. The working party will be producing a document outlining its view of the future routes to commercialisation of this technology, and the research road blocks which need to be overcome. The year will culminate in a public workshop to discuss the draft report, to which all interested stakeholders will be invited.

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