Monday, April 17, 2017

What does privacy mean to you? A 5-day challenge

I recently came across The Privacy Paradox project, a call by WNYC Studios to take part in a five-day-long challenge on defining what does privacy mean to yourself.

Amongst its best features, the process can be started anytime, by anyone, just by registering with an e-mail account. From that moment and during the five following days, you will receive a daily e-mail explaining you the topic addressed by that day's podcast, most of them finishing with an easy demand to the listener to reflect on the matter.

With the audio's length ranging from 11 to 15 minutes, and the topics from cryptography --with Bruce Schneier starring on the first episode-- to psychology, there is something on it for everyone, and at a very accessible level. I personally found the format very nice and entertaining, and it is maybe something to learn about when we talk about privacy with people not so interested in the topic.

Finally, the people behind the project also gathered a nice list with things you can do to face the current privacy situation.

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