Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Future Directions in Computing on Encrypted Data

This week saw the ECRYPT-CSA meeting on "Future Directions in Computing on Encrypted Data". After a gentle introduction to SSE, MPC and FHE technology the rest of the meeting was given over to talks discussing how various companies (both big and small) are making use of the these technologies in their product lines, how funding agencies see this space and aspects from a legal point of view. 

As well as providing a forum for people working in this space, the workshop also provided a window for the attending students and post-docs as to how research is turned into products. A lot of time was spent discussing barriers that technology faces and some of the opportunities which are out there. The time is very ripe for such technologies, indeed during the meeting we found out about another start-up in this space from Switzerland. Large companies were represented by Huawei, Microsoft, SAP and Thales. 

The audience at the end of the event were asked to decide which was their favourite talk from an SME, with the vote being decided by a secure MPC protocol. The output of the event will be the final report from the ECRYPT CSA project which horizon scans the opportunities and barriers in this technology.

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