Friday, November 6, 2015

Hello World! from Matthias

Hello World!

I am ESR5 and I am from Austria. I also go by the name ɱatthias ɱinihold and I have just started as one of the 15 fellows of the ring also known as early stage researchers in the ECRYPT-NET programme :-).

My background is mathematics, but I was always interested in the practical application side of say algebraic number theory and thus I enrolled in courses about cryptography and wrote my bachelor’s thesis at TU Vienna having a look into the Advanced Encryption Standard AES. Then my master’s thesis was about "Linear Codes and Applications in Cryptography" with some examples coded in Sage and the showcase of how multiple scientific fields - ranging from computational complexity theory and discrete mathematics to quantum physics - are combined in cryptography, making it an interesting and interdisciplinary field.

I'm glad to be part of an experienced team here at Ruhr-Universität Bochum under the supervision of Alexander May. The working title for my research as ESR5 @ ECRYPT-NET and thus my PhD-Thesis is Fully Homomorphic Encryption. Additionally to thoroughly dive into that I hope to learn and develop further skills and expertise in related fields over the next 3 years here.

In the caves of Is Zuddas (Sardinia)
In my opinion the exciting part of the ECRYPT-NET project with all it's international participants is that it has the opportunity to shape the future of transparent, easy to use yet secure cryptography accessible to a broad range of people thus taking an important role in our information society.

I am looking forward to working in this dynamic team and maybe this project provides the right environment, guidance and feedback to bring to light gems and fascinating structures within the next 3 years such as the rare aragonites people joining the trip to Is Zuddas (Sardinia) could marvel at recently, metaphorically speaking.

Followers are welcome and to all my fellows, see you soon at our next meeting(s)!

"I'll be back!" (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

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