Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Welcome to Eduardo

The ECRYPT.NET project would like to welcome Eduardo Soria Vazquez to the University of Bristol, where he is starting a PhD working on Multi-Party Computation. 

Eduardo joins a strong and vibrant team at Bristol which has been making ground breaking contributions to the practical implementation of Multi-Party Computation technologies over the last few years. As part of Eduardo's PhD he will be engaging in research with our partner organizations, and visiting a number of companies and institutes associated with the ECRYPT project.

Draft Report on "Future Directions in Computing on Encrypted Data"

Our first draft report on "Future Directions in Computing on Encrypted Data" is now available, and we invite interested parties to provide input and comments on the report. 
The report discusses various technologies ranging from deterministic encryption, searchable encryption, fully homomorphic encryption, oblivious RAM and multi-party computation. The report has been edited by Nigel Smart, after collecting input from a number of internationally renowned experts in the field.

The report will be finalized after feedback, input and discussions resulting from the associated meeting in Bristol in November. If you want to attend this meeting, which brings together the leading lights working on applying this technology to practical problems, then visit the workshop web page.

The workshop is being held on November 10th and 11th at the Avon Gorge Hotel in Bristol, where the participants can relax looking over the views of the gorge and Brunel's famous suspension bridge.