Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Algorithms and Key Sizes

The first two incarnations of ECRYPT produced the very influential yearly Algorithms and Key Sizes report. These documents provided recommendations to practitioners as to what algorithms to choose and what parameters to set. We had reports of these reports being used by various organizations and companies around the world in order to move to best cryptographic practice.

After ECRYPT-II finished the reports were taken up by ENISA. ENISA published two such documents one focused on cryptographic schemes and one focused on protocols:
These documents were edited by Vincent Rijmen and Nigel Smart.
As part of the ECRYPT CSA project we are going to update these documents and combine them into one. We encourage all interested parties to send in suggestions for changes. As always the report will focus on schemes which have been standardized and/or have wide-scale deployment. Please contact Vincent or Nigel with input, or place a comment on this blog post.

A first draft is available now from here, with a final version being produced in the Fall of 2016. Please send comments re updates to Nigel Smart.

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