Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hello from Marie-Sarah

Hello! I'd like to introduce myself. I'm one of the two ECRYPT-NET participants at Royal Holloway, University of London. I just moved to the UK from Canada, where I did my undergraduate and master's degrees in mathematics at the University of Waterloo. I think it's fantastic that the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions support researchers of any nationality!

During the next three years, I hope to apply my experience in tinkering with security reductions to developing schemes for securely outsourcing computation that are both practical and have strong security reductions.

French is my mother tongue and I like learning bits of other languages while travelling. So, here is a challenge for my fellow ECRYPT-NET researchers: learn a few phrases in the local language at each of our meetings during the next three years. To start, here are a few words of Campidanese Sardinian (spoken in southern Sardinia) and Italian.

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!


English Sardinian Italian
Hello Bonas dies Buon giorno
Good night Bòna nòtti Buona notte
Goodbye A si bìri Arrivederci
Yes Éi
No Nòne No
Please Pro praghere Per favore
Thank you Gratzias Grazie
Cheers! Salute! Salute!
What is your name? Ite ti nas? Come ti chiami?
My name is... Mi naro... Mi chiamo...
Where are you from? De aùndi bènis? Da dove vieni?
I am from... Eu so de... Io vengo da...
Do you speak English? A faeddas s'ingresu? Parla inglese?
Where is (the bathroom)? Aùndi est (su bagnu)? Dov'è (il bagno)?
Let's go! Ayò! Andiamo!
1 one unu uno
2 two duos due
3 three tre tre
4 four battor quattro
5 five chimbe cinque
6 six ses sei
7 seven sete sette
8 eight oto otto
9 nine nove nove
10 ten deghe dieci

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