Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mag ik me even voorstellen - Simon de cryptograaf

Hello everybody!

My name is Simon, I have studied computer science with a major in cryptography at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and I am now one of the 15 early stage researchers in ECRYPT-NET.
I am with NXP in Leuven and I am already enjoying the great environment. I have the opportunity to work with academic researchers at KU Leuven in COSIC and industry researchers at the Innovation Center Crypto & Security at NXP. And of course my fellow early stage researchers whom I just met at the amazing summer school on Sardinia. I am happy and proud to join you guys!

Within ECRYPT-NET I will be working on the design of lightweight privacy preserving authentication. I think protecting people's privacy is one of the most difficult and important challenges we are currently facing. Because of the interest in big data this problem will only grow in the near future and I am happy to work on this topic. The lightweight part is important to make sure cryptographic designs have the necessary impact on our world. After all, what good is the most secure new smart card if it is so expensive or slow that nobody will ever buy and use it?

I think cryptography combines the beauty of abstract mathematics with the bad-ass charm of hacking and here is my favorite quote about it:

"The magic of cryptography is such that things that are clearly impossible are often straightforward and vice-versa."

(from a talk by Ian Goldberg)

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